San Francisco Local ~ Photographer and Fine Artist

I live and work in San Francisco where I was born and raised. I love art, it has always been my passion. I love creating art to get lost in, something that you not only view but experience. Art that you can really sink your teeth and imagination into, always leaving you wanting more. Each one of my creations are a piece of me, and I am happy to share them with the world.

My process is primarily photography, everything that you see in my art is an image that I have taken at some point in my travels, with the exception of the space images. I love colors and layers, my work tends to be created from a range of carefully layered photographs, anywhere from 2-100 can go into a single piece.

I like to think of my art like an Orchestra, there is a lot going on, and each layer/section has its role to play in the overall composition of the piece. While creating I love listening to music, I feel that the layers and sound of the music help me find my flow and inspire me to create.

I am fortunate enough to live in such a wonderful city full of vibrant and unique people. I draw inspiration from everything around me, from the buildings to the trees, to the little details we walk past everyday without noticing. There are an endless list of things that we walk past all the time, unnoticed and unseen, until we bring light to them through art. This city is full of creative people, and I am proud to be among my fellow artists helping maintain the pulse and heart beat of this city. Without people a city is just a grouping of man made structures with no soul, people are what breathe life into the places we live.

Currently an exhibiting member at City Art Gallery, where some of my work can be viewed. Stay tuned for new art show openings.

~Joe Enright ~

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Some of my favorite things to do with my spare time is visiting art galleries, and museums in San Francisco, or other cities while I am traveling abroad. Being fortunate enough to live in such a beautiful city so rich and full of art is why I moved back here.

There are many things that inspire me, some of them are Nature, The City, The Universe, Herb Ritts, Ruth Bernhard, and Salvador Dali.

I am constantly amazed by the ever growing and changing styles of art. I hope that my art brings you as much joy as it has brought me while making it. One of my favorite things about art is that the subject matter may not always be happy, but as an artist we are the ones who use our skills to make even the most tragic emotions beautiful.

Nothing says artist like Raw unfiltered emotion.

Space Images by : NASA and STScI